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Wedding photographer in Vic, Barcelona, Girona and in the whole world

My speciality is Photojournalism and documentary, and thats why while I work as wedding photographer I’m interested in photographing life as it is, give a touch of humour to the images or express moving moments. While shooting the photographs I stay in the background, thus guaranteeing that the event flows without interruptions.

I’m not interested in static photography where everything is very forced, nor the excessive retouching that draws a lot of attention but over time gets oldfashioned.
Photographing is not just pushing a button, to make good images requires a lot of concentration on the part of the photographer but also complicity between the photographer and the people photographed. I like to work with people who value my work, but above all I like to work with people who make me feel comfortable. When there is confidence between the photographer and the photographed, the atmosphere is more relaxed and this is reflected in the final result.

I’m installed in Osona but I make wedding reportajes in Girona, Barcelona, Costa Brava, the whole Spain and the whole world.

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