Advertising photography, products, food photography, business, corporative, hotels, restaurants and food.

When it comes to promote a business the most important is to offer the customer a product that seduces the eye, whether it is studio photography, an outdoor or an indoor session, corporate photography requires the utmost delicacy and quality. I photograph for clients of diverse professional backgrounds like high quality gastronomy, wine tourism, object design, interior design, museums and art galleries, restaurants or companies dedicated to the organization of events. These are some of the clients for whom I have photographed:Planes Bones, Grup Brugarol, Porter and Sail, Cuirots, Artigas, Bussoga, Mas el Martí, Can Xiquet, Mas el Cerdà, Grup Castellot, FGC, Teisa, Akawara.

If you need to develop an advertising campaign, renew the graphic image of your company or pictures of your events, please contact me and after having made a study of your wishes and needs I will provide you with a personalized offer.

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